7 reasons to have a website

7 Reasons to have a website

1. Great first impression.

A professional website acts as an impressive first contact, convincing the potential customer that they need what you are offering and inviting them to contact you, via telephone, email or contact form on your website.

2. Open 24/7.

A website is a cost-effective tool that allows your business to attract new customers continuously 24/7.

3. Increase your target area.

Attract new customers that otherwise would never find you and they can do so when your business is closed.

4. A website address is much easier to remember than a telephone number.

Include your web address on all your promotional material allows customers to take action straight away when they see your advertisement or hear about your services.

5. Increase customer confidence.

With the right content, easy navigation, and quickly accessible contact details, your website greatly increases customer confidence in your company and therefore more business.

6. Find out what your customers want.

Website statistics makes it easy for you to find out what customers are looking for on your website, how long they spent on your site and if you have want you want.

7. Low cost Advertising.

Use links to Facebook and other social sites to promote your business to a wide range of potential customers.