10 tips on creating good URLs

10 tips on creating good URLs

A URL is the address of your web page. It can be hard to know what you should put for your URL and how to make it search engine friendly, so here are 10 tips on creating good URLs.

  1. Always use lower case.

    The server your website sits on can sometimes handle uppercase URL’s differently and could show the user a ‘page not found’ page. Best stick to having all lower case to avoid this.

  2. Keep it short

    A URL should have about 50-60 characters according to Google. However, they won’t penalise you in your website rankings if it’s longer. Also long URL’s are difficult to cut and paste.

  3. Match to your page title

    Try and match your URL to the title of the page. It this then obvious to a visitor what the page is about.

  4. Leave out stop words

    Examples of stop words are; and, or, of, but, the, a. You don’t have to put these in, they don’t improve the URL and it just makes it longer.

  5. Safe characters

    The only safe characters to use in a URL are:   _ –  . + ! * ’ ( )  do not use any other characters.

  6. Make it easy to say

    Try and make your URL logical and easy to say. It gets complicated when you have relay every dash, slash and dot. Although slashes and dots are unavoidable in URLS.

  7. Not too many sub folders

    Inserting the page into many sub folders can make the URL too long.

  8. Add keywords

    Add keywords into your URL, it helps with being indexed properly and it clearly states what the page is about.

  9. Don’t repeat keywords

    Repeating keywords is something that search engines frown upon.

  10. Make it readable

    You may have many pages to your website and start giving each page numbers, but who is going to remember a load of numbers? Make sure the URL is readable for humans.

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