Standard domains

SpiralNet Design offers one standard domain for every website we do. Choose from one of our standard domains listed below and check it’s availability with our domain name checker.

.com   .net   .uk    .org    .eu    .info    .biz    .news    .rocks    .london    .club    .website    

Domains at an additional cost

If you want something different to our standard domains you can choose any other ending. Some examples are below. Please request our current prices for any of these domains.

.de    .in    .mobi    .ninja    .social    .vet    .paris    .city    .rip    .guru    .email    .tips     .company    .forsale    .business     .auction    .solutions     .center    .directory    .degree    .bike     .band    .photo    .domains    .camera    .church    .guide    .digital    .network    .life    .world    .physio    .global    .deals    .finance    .casino    .restaurant    .pizza    .insure    .host    .software    .gifts    .press    .loans    .accountants    .market    .cooking    .horse    .direct    .place     .dentist    .online    .it    .me    .tv    .cc    .tel    .asia    .jp

Want more than one domain?

You don’t have to have just one domain for your website. By purchasing more than one domain you are making sure that it is not taken by anyone else and mistaken for your business in search results. We can then set up the domains that they all redirect to one main domain of your choice.

How to choose the right domain name

Choosing the right domain name for your business can be difficult so we have created a help page to give you advice on good and bad domain name choices.

Domain name checker

Find out easily if your domain name is available.