Logo Design

logos-iconA logo gives identity. It’s a image that can make things seem that it’s a much higher value than it’s actually worth. It shows professionalism, quality and a good logo can last the test of time.

We judge books by their covers and companies by their logos. Logo that gets noticed again and again will build trust, and trust will keep customers coming back for more.

A company without a logo is just another company.

What we do

We understand the importance of a good logo. It shows professionalism, and will make you stand out over your competitors. At SpiralNet we can produce a timeless logo that suits your business which then can be used for your website, business cards, letterheads and more.

Logos are designed for every format. Business cards, letter heads, signs etc. whether you are printing in colour or black of white we provide an adaptable logo for every need.

We find out you target audience, what your company does to create the perfect logo that fits in with your market.

What our logo design includes

We will produce a several examples of logos for you to choose from based on your requirements. Once a logo has been approved we will produce this in a high quality colour version for your use, and also in black and white for other printing needs.

If we are creating a website for you we will use this on your new site and if you choose to have business cards or any other printed materials from us we will of course include your logo.