How to use Gmail

How to use Gmail

If you have a website with SpiralNet Design then you most likely have an email account set up through Gmail. 

1Visit the Gmail website, to login with the username and password we have given you.


2Click on Compose to create a new email.


3Your default email address will be used every time you start an email. 


4If you want to send using another an account (if you have more than one email address) then select the From field and click on the address.


Setting up Gmail

5To access the setup functions for adding signatures, out of offices and more, go to the cog icon and select Settings. This will take you to the General tab where most functions are. 

Take a look down the page to familiarise yourself with the setting options. Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page if you change anything.


6Click the Inbox to return to the inbox.


Online chat

7In the left-hand column below the folders is an option to chat with other Gmail accounts. The green dot means the user is online.


8Click on SpiralNet Design to open the chat box to ask me anything about Gmail or your website. I’m always happy to help.


Gmail for mobiles

9Install the mobile version of Gmail to see your emails anywhere. Download and use the login details we have given you.


10You will have all the same settings as the desktop version and the two synchronise so that they always up to date with each other.